Action Painting

Since 2008, I have created 250 pictorial actions around, both solo and in multidisciplinary performances.

I have performed at art and music festivals, in theatres, in squares, with notable musicians like Paolo Fresu, Virgil Donati, Paolo Damiani, and Nicola Stilo, as well as much of the Salento music scene.

I like to recall the project ‘Concerto per sola voce e pittura” with the poet Simone Giorgino, with whom we performed several times including in 2015 at the Nogu Teatro in Rome along with the poetess Maria Grazia Calandrone.

Among the best pictorial actions: VariAzioni belliche (during the Linea 35 Festival) at the Sala Uno Theatre in Rome (2011), with the Impromptu Theatre project founded with the Roman poet and actress Alessia D’Errigo and, again in the capital, Bruciando Bruciando, at the Teatro Valle Occupato (2012).

“After all, he is a disruptive expressive charge that lifts the subjects portrayed from anonymity, through a thickening of inner pulsions and thicknesses that insistently move our attention.

Born in Taranto in 1974 and moved to Milan in 2015, Orodè moves his steps with painting, figurative with gestural aptitudes, like Action Painting, as he himself likes to define it.

A vivid and rapid expressionism that brings to mind the American Willem De Kooning manners or the so-called German Neue Wilden.”

Daniele Torcellini, personal exhibition catalogue Mon coeur mis à nu, et pas seulement, Ravenna. Curated by Fabio Novembre and Daniele Torcellini. October 2017