“Orodè stands with a desperately poetic sign, witnessing the end of an era. In the hurtling West, dancing, poisoning and warring, towards catastrophe, the Apulian painter, and performer, introduces a note of tragic foreboding and at the same time gives us the desire for Eros, for life, passion, even if his razor-sharp and continuous relationship with the obscure, the darkness, the abyss. 

So this becomes a dramatic adventure interpreted with lucid participation in our time. 

The fall is evident, but the represented moves in the opposite direction to an aestheticising decadence or cold detachment, as we can see in many young paintings. 

Orodè’s originality lies in these components so that the symbol becomes an integral part of the figure, illness and death are often treated with a polarising vision. 

In his depictions, which are expressionistic and fast, the artist does not want to show what appears, in fact, the ‘inward look’ is more important to him.”

Review that appeared, together with a selection of my b/w drawings, in the second issue of ‘ALI. 
Rivista d’arte, letteratura e idee”, directed by Gian Ruggero Manzoni. 2009